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All videos are released with the permission of the presenters. If you wish to redistribute them, please respect the licence they are released under.


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YAPC Videos


Following my first experiment of recording Lightning Talks in Houston for YAPC::NA 2007, I managed to borrow further memory cards to enable me to record the complete set of Lighting Talks in Vienna for YAPC::Europe 2007. In addition I was able to record a few more presentations, and since announcing that I was going to release these, Andy Armstrong also informed he had a video available. For the time being all these videos are being made available via a server. It's an old server so please be gentle with it.

In future I hope to record more talks and events and release them here, unless organisers are already planning to record and release professionally. For the time being only YAPC related videos are being posted, but other conferences and technical events may feature.

All videos are released with the permission of the presenters, and much appreciation from me to them for allowing me to publish them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did :)